"Seeing point-and-shoots (once worth $400+) now being taken as seriously as disposable cameras makes me hopeful of the future of photography." -Leon Vuong


  With considerable advancements in digital photography, photography as an art form had lost a great deal of formality in the 1990's to early 2000's. Easy to use cameras quickly became common household items, which blurred the lines between professional and amateur photographers. Seeing point-and-shoots (once worth $400+) now being considered as casual as disposable cameras makes me hopeful of the future of photography.

  It is not to say that you cannot produce a stunning image from a smartphone, but those thoughtless images tend to lack a sense of precision and character. We are at a time where the abundance of photographs has finally refined our standards in photography. Sure, any image can be a photograph, but only the most thought provoking photographs are art.